The MacDuffie School will be holding a children’s day camp program for the 2021 summer season. Please see the list of programs below. As always, lunch, afternoon activities, and field trips are included with each program.

Coding – (4th-8th Grade) Teaching children how to code with online programs and hands on play. After all, learning to program computers is a wonderful way to boost problem-solving skills, creativity, logic, and technical competence.

Creative WritingDo you love to write and think creatively? If so, the creative writing program is the perfect way to spend your summer days! Campers will explore creative story telling and work to create their very own picture book or graphic novel. Fridays will feature an optional reading for family and fellow camp-goers. Unlock your imagination and register today!

Culinary Arts – Your young chefs will enjoy an unforgettable immersive experience with a week full of hands-on fun making all their favorite summertime foods from scratch. Each day, they’ll put on an apron and get cooking. The best part—they’ll get to eat everything they make! They’ll learn new skills and make new friends—all while having fun!

Dance – Does your child want to begin to dance this summer in a fun and relaxed environment? If your child is jumping up and down chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” then this camp session is for you! Participants will explore movement, space, artistic expression, and their relationship to the body under the guidance of an expert instructor. Friday afternoon will feature a short showing by participants for fellow camp-goers, family, and friends.

Drama – Enjoy the spotlight, love singing and dancing, or do you just want to be a little silly and have fun? The drama program is for you! This summer, the drama program returns crazier than ever and will be overflowing with things to do for kids of all ages and interests. Each day will consist of various theater games and activities that enhance acting ability, diction, improvisational skills, spacial awareness and movement, singing, show tunes appreciation, backstage expertise, and most importantly confidence on and off the stage. These activities will be coupled with rehearsals for a short play that will culminate with a performance on Friday afternoon for fellow camp-goers, family, and friends.

Land Sports – Land Sports is the perfect camp session if your child craves physical activity. With wonderful facilities that include an indoor gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and large playing fields, the possibility for activities is endless. Campers will be given the opportunity to develop their interest and skill in a number of different athletic games and activities. If your child wants to stay active, have fun, develop existing skills, and be introduced to new sports and games in an exciting and encouraging environment, this is the camp for you!

Outdoor Adventures – Learn how to navigate hiking trails and read maps. Learn survival skills and how to be a top notch adventurer. Activities will include, but not limited to, fishing, catching frogs, and learning about local insects.

Science – A variety of scientific activities awaits your child this summer! From nature walks and conservation lessons to wacky experiments in a classroom laboratory. All Chemistry experiments will be safe and fun! In this summer camp session, there is sure to be a number of activities that your science loving child will enjoy.

Visual Arts – The visual art program will give your child the opportunity to explore artistic expression through visual media. We encourage and welcome all ages and ability levels, providing an environment supporting each individual artist. Friday afternoons will feature an exhibition of each artist’s favorite masterpieces in a gallery open to fellow camp-goers, friends, and family. Whether your child is drawing stick figures or creating intricate 3-D images, this is the program for you!

If you have any questions, please contact Tina Hamel Summer Programs Coordinator at 413-255-0000 Ext: 107 or summer@macduffie.org.